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Rekening: NL12INGB0674678842
T.n.v.: Stichting de Leeuw Kyiv
ANBI / RSIN: 816855341
hier voor de gegevens van Stichting de Leeuw Kyiv.

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Regelmatig gaan er vrachtwagens met hulpgoederen vanuit Nederland diep Oekraïne in. Daar waar anderen niet komen... Helpt u mee?

The Leeuw Kyiv in the media:
The Leeuw Kyiv Foundation

Ukraine needs your help!

"Dutch entrepreneurs who had to leave Ukraine because of the war have joined forces in The Leeuw Kyiv Foundation; a foundation once set up to stimulate Dutch language and cultural education, but now completely focused on humanitarian aid. Every day, trucks leave the Netherlands with humanitarian goods to all corners of Ukraine.

Twenty years of experiencein Ukraine have created a large network with reliable contacts deep inside Ukraine. We are in control from collection to distribution: a lifeline that runs on experience and knowledge. Direct lines, efficient and cost-effective, because entirely on a voluntary basis."

The Leeuw Kyiv Foundation

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About us

We have joined forces with a group of Dutch entrepreneurs who have been living and working in Ukraine for over 20 years.

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We have realised many projects thanks to your donations. Trucks go deep into Ukraine every day.

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Inzamelingsactie: Heat Packs for Ukraine

Oekraïne beleeft nu de tweede ijskoude oorlogswinter op rij. Op plekken dicht bij het front is er geen elektriciteit of verwarming
Doneer aan onze hulpactie!

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We work hard to help Ukraine. We are not alone in this, and therefore we work together with our partners.

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Full control of collection & logistics

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In The Leeuw Kyiv Foundation we have joined the forces of a group of Dutch entrepreneurs who have all been living and working in Ukraine for more than 20 years. Some of us are still in Ukraine, others temporarily in the Netherlands. Thanks to our local knowledge, we have been effective since the beginning of the war.

We do not outsource anything and thus have control over the transport line from collection to distribution. Our large network of local contacts, with whom we have worked for many years, ensures that we get our goods to places where others cannot go, quickly and efficiently. In addition, we have partners in the Netherlands and Poland who ensure that there is full control there as well.

We also work with local transport companies and have good contacts with the Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture and the Ukrainian Embassy so that we can respond to acute demand from Ukraine without getting in the way of other organisations.

This way you can be sure that what you donate is used for necessary items and that it gets to where it is intended and where it is really needed.

The Leeuw Kyiv Foundation is registered with the tax authorities as an ANBI, an Institution for General Benefit. This allows you to make use of fiscal advantages when you donate to us.

Ukraine is not just that country at war. We have come to know Ukraine as a country with a rich culture and beautiful nature. That is also Ukraine, the real Ukraine. Watch this video and discover Ukraine.

The Leeuw Kyiv Foundation

"Russian warship, get lost!"

"If this war is ever over we will rebuild Ukraine, The Leeuw Kyiv Foundation will do its part in that too, but until then let's keep Ukraine afloat where it can: Keep our lifeline open!"

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The Leeuw Kyiv Foundation

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