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In addition to all the other horrors of war, Ukraine has also been affected by a lack of clean drinking water

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Water filters for Ukraine

In addition to all the other horrors of war, many people in Ukraine are also affected by a lack of clean drinking water. All along the front lines and in recently liberated areas, drinking water supplies have been destroyed or severely damaged. In those regions, groundwater is too deep to drill wells, and surface water is often polluted and sickening.

Safe drinking water is vitally important, which is why The Lion Kyiv has started a project together with the Rotary Estoi Palace International to bring drinking water filters from Nazava Water Filters to the affected areas. We are doing this together with SaveUA, the humanitarian foundation of the Ukrainian Agri Council. Thus, with this project we are also creating employment opportunities for local refugees. For more information or if you want to contribute to this project please visit our crowdfunding page of Wageningen University & Research or donate via The Lion Kyiv stating water filters.

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IBAN: NL12INGB0674678842
Attn: The Lion Kyiv Foundation

Emmeke was interviewed in Wageningen Talks about this project. Watch the video below